All Vox Daily Crossword August 1 2020 Answers

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George who was mayor of Peekskill and went on to higher positions 6 Letter Answer
Half a dozen to a lady in Timisoara 4 Letter Answer
Org. HQed in Chicago comprised of thousands of trained specialists all anxious to save your choppers (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
The Latin word discus for the modern words disk desk dish and dais 6 Letter Answer
Lady Katharine ___ author of My Father Bertrand Russell (75) and founder of The Bertrand Russell Society 4 Letter Answer
Rapper who had his phrase Oppan Gangnam style make the top ten list in the 2012 Yale Book of Quotations 3 Letter Answer
Gangs of wild hoodlum gerbils? 11 Letter Answer
Loch on the north west coast of Scotland that opens on to The Minch 3 Letter Answer
Dance that was first referred to in the 1590 witchcraft trial of Doctor Fian in Edenbrough Scotland 4 Letter Answer
Tiny common little critters that appear not to age and can regenerate 6 Letter Answer
Geographic features that are vital to desert nomadic people particularly after heavy rains leading to seasonal vegetation 4 Letter Answer
Type of admiral Richard Byrd discoverer of Antarcticas Mount Sidle in 1934 was 4 Letter Answer
Hue that has the ISCC-NBS color number of 89 4 Letter Answer
The annoying unevenness you always trip over when youre trying to steal from first and the fourth official gets you every time 15 Letter Answer
What my wife always demands that I do after using the toothpaste 5 Letter Answer
Just over 14% of Jackie Joyner-Kersees 1992 Olympic gold medal-winning performance 5 Letter Answer
Subject of Jung Chang and Jon Hallidays 2005 biography subtitled The Unknown Story 3 Letter Answer
State in short which had as its first permanent capital the community of Cahaba now a ghost town 3 Letter Answer
Stretch of time it takes to get to doomsday to those with a poetical bent 3 Letter Answer
Better known name of Jonathan King Newark Delawares hip hop record producer who produced Mac Millers Donald Trump in 2011 3 Letter Answer
One of about 10000 the NSF hands out every year 5 Letter Answer
276-mile-long Missouri river that the Harry S. Truman Reservoir and the Lake of the Ozarks sits on 5 Letter Answer
Move out where you can be easily seen right in the middle of the infested potato field 15 Letter Answer
___ Purviance Charlie Chaplins frequent leading lady played by Penelope Ann Miller in Chaplin (92) 4 Letter Answer
Cat with a Twitter account (with over 30000 followers) thats the mascot of the Turkish Republican Peoples Party 4 Letter Answer
Giant avians that sound as if theyd be useful for lawn care duties 4 Letter Answer
Tiny minty thing which when reversed can be seen as a military maneuver 6 Letter Answer
Will and Katies son that was played by Alex Neustaedter on USA Networks Colony 4 Letter Answer
Avril Lavignes 2002 single Sk8er ___ 3 Letter Answer
How Robert Hodgson and his compatriots got to New Amsterdam from England in 1657? 11 Letter Answer
Measurements that are commonly applied to vitamins (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Drink from Coca-Cola Norway launched in 1996 that had a relaunch of 1.5L bottles after a massive consumer Facebook campaign 4 Letter Answer
What Yosemite Sam frequently used to describe Bugs Bunny as 6 Letter Answer
Only Asian security trading facility in the top four by market capitalization for short 3 Letter Answer
Gulf through which India exports over $50 billion in goods and provides an ongoing warship escort 4 Letter Answer
Carrie Underwood song that won Most Performed Song of the Year in the 2007 ASCAP Country Music Awards 6 Letter Answer
Letters often preceding xing and accompanied by a silhouette of a person walking on a yellow background 3 Letter Answer
Acronym that the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians used before 1940 3 Letter Answer
Two-time Emmy-winners Burrell and Pennington 3 Letter Answer
Ferrera who played Betty Suarez in ABCs Ugly Betty 7 Letter Answer
Moon also known as Jupiter XLIX discovered by a team from the University of Hawaii in 2003 4 Letter Answer
Something that German students completing their medical courses need not be in order to be an assistant doctor 6 Letter Answer
One of two Formula One racing teams owned by Austrian beverage company Red Bull from 2006-17 for short 3 Letter Answer
W. Hemisphere 60 million strong gp. that the Royal Dutch Touring Club and Touring Club Suisse is affiliated with (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Order thats the arch-enemy of the Jedi Order 4 Letter Answer
Site that bills itself as a global marketplace for unique and creative goods and where vintage goods must be proven to be 20 years old plus 4 Letter Answer
Clever or enlightening insight 6 Letter Answer
Like bees on the rampage in a quaint sort of way 6 Letter Answer
What the dog (somewhat overweight I admit) almost always does to my steak 6 Letter Answer
What I always did to the car brakes after changing the fluid in those days when I was a DIY car guy (I no longer am!) 4 Letter Answer
Item that may cause you to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy 4 Letter Answer
Intl. foundation that is dedicated to war reporting war art and war memory (abbr.) 4 Letter Answer
300 miles straight west of Darwin say 4 Letter Answer
Style like the interior of Mexico Citys Palacio de Bellas Artes for example 4 Letter Answer
Old ___ name of the U.S. Armys 101st Airborne Divisions screaming eagle 3 Letter Answer
Babble on to anyone who listens about the alien plants that have taken over your bathroom 4 Letter Answer
Like Victor Vasarelys 1975 acrylic on canvas painting Vonal-Stri 5 Letter Answer
Apple TV+ sci-fi drama where activities revolve around the twins Kofun and Haniwa born with a surprising talent 3 Letter Answer
Join up for classes at Londons English National Ballet 5 Letter Answer
Language people usually converse in in Luang Prabang province and Loei province 3 Letter Answer
Tiny things that myrmecologists really get into 4 Letter Answer
What papeda one of the staple foods of Western New Guinea is made of 4 Letter Answer
Title a Kurdish tribal chieftain will usually be addressed with 4 Letter Answer
US Public Law 109-308 signed by President George W. Bush on October 6 2006 that concerned service and other animals (abbr.) 4 Letter Answer
G7es (T5) Zaunkonig torpedo used by WWII U-boats was nicknamed this by the Brits 4 Letter Answer
Song with an explanatory subtitle by with Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez released on the iTunes Store in late 2011 3 Letter Answer
Professional surname of Chaim Witz outlandish bassist musician and TV personality 7 Letter Answer
Whats likely to happen to you if you choose amateur snake milking as a hobby 6 Letter Answer
Totally repugnant 6 Letter Answer
What someone may do if youre undergoing scarification 6 Letter Answer
Bonnie who created and hosts PBS weekly news analysis program To the Contrary 4 Letter Answer
What you do when you sign your mortgage agreement basically 6 Letter Answer
NASA satellite launched in Earth orbit on May 4 2002 to study and measure radiance reflectance and backscatter 4 Letter Answer
Alternate term for the edible white part of a cauliflower 4 Letter Answer
111 mile long river in the Philippines originating near Mount Data and flowing into the South China Sea 4 Letter Answer
Whoever wins the November election will break some records in terms of this on inauguration day 3 Letter Answer
Filmmaker ___ Burns Grand Marshal for the 2016 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Rose Parade 3 Letter Answer
One of the abbreviations used for a paraprofessional educator a foreign national working in a Japanese classroom 3 Letter Answer
Ancient Cambodian trumpet now recreated from carvings of Angkor Wat 3 Letter Answer
Single named singer who released her debut R&B album Fin in February 2017 3 Letter Answer

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