All Vox Daily Crossword May 23 2020 Answers

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Clue Answer Length
Tuber also known as a New Zealand yam 3 Letter Answer
Singer Lane who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 4 Letter Answer
Tool song off Lateralus 6 Letter Answer
Silvery white metal that will melt on a hot day but not if its raining 8 Letter Answer
Common repair shop courtesy 6 Letter Answer
Olympic heroes that now stand on the mantel next to your old alloy-covered baby shoes? 15 Letter Answer
Look of a rake on the make 4 Letter Answer
Lady who was raised on the banks of the Jubba River probably 6 Letter Answer
It can be spiked or set but never served 4 Letter Answer
Come down with whatevers going around 3 Letter Answer
Zadora whose first movie was as Girmar in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (64) 3 Letter Answer
Variation on Elton Johns 83 song that pays homage to the alloy workers of the world? 15 Letter Answer
Word that punctuates Billie Eilishs Bad Guy 3 Letter Answer
Andrew Lloyd Webbers organization that produces and promotes his and others shows (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Guy with the black hat stereotypically 6 Letter Answer
Type of pork pie with a hard boiled egg in the center 4 Letter Answer
Slowly vanish away to nothing 4 Letter Answer
Drill sergeants Relax! And thats an order! 6 Letter Answer
Primary constituent of Saturns rings 3 Letter Answer
Guy who flips the coin at the Super Bowl 3 Letter Answer
Periodical magazine by the mercenaries of the alloy bonding business? 15 Letter Answer
End of many corporate addresses 3 Letter Answer
Poes orangutan-featuring The Murders in the ___ Morgue 3 Letter Answer
Wood ___ outlaw and cousin to Frank and Jesse James 4 Letter Answer
Something Wernher von Braun was apparently quite good at calculating 6 Letter Answer
Normandy city where William the Conqueror is buried 4 Letter Answer
VIPs that always scream at you even though they appear to be official alloys of GA FL MS and AL? 15 Letter Answer
Louisiana birthplace of baseball great Mel Ott 6 Letter Answer
Game that was rigged in Casablanca 8 Letter Answer
Case who co-founded AOL and Jobs who co-founded Apple 6 Letter Answer
Like your tie at breakfast if youre a messy eater 4 Letter Answer
Thing on top of the pyramid on the back of a $1 bill 3 Letter Answer
Beziers 84 mile long river that flows into the Mediterranean at Valras-Plage 3 Letter Answer
It aint nothin but a pound dog? 3 Letter Answer
Get rid of like capital punishment in the Dominican Republic in 1969 7 Letter Answer
Something an old Tlingit boat builder might have used 4 Letter Answer
Something that the Ghanaian dancing pallbearers dont use 4 Letter Answer
Stetson-wearing ___ Phillips the winningest coach in Houston Oilers history 3 Letter Answer
Something those with mal de mer are subject to doing at sea technically speaking 6 Letter Answer
Its almost impossible to get revolving doors to do this 4 Letter Answer
One way to check news and events in Richland and Lexington counties in South Carolina is in the ___ Daily 4 Letter Answer
Hard water? 4 Letter Answer
Pretty well tasteless 7 Letter Answer
Egyptian deity that was responsible for deserts storms violence and foreigners 3 Letter Answer
Title for Debbi Fields company that makes cookies 3 Letter Answer
Like Xenon which is unlikely to have a bonding experience 5 Letter Answer
Like Lloyd Christmas or Harry Dunne in Dumb and Dumber 4 Letter Answer
Prepared for the guest of honors surprise party maybe 3 Letter Answer
___ Darya River that flows underneath Afghanistan-Uzbekistan Friendship Bridge 3 Letter Answer
Photosynthesizing aquarium lifeform 4 Letter Answer
Singer Kamoze with the 94 hit Here Comes the Hotstepper 3 Letter Answer
Donald Trump was indeed the greatest president in terms of this on Inauguration Day 3 Letter Answer
Use the Men in Black neuralyzer device 5 Letter Answer
Swiss math great who solved the Konigsberg bridge problem 5 Letter Answer
Northern Bahamian Islands that include Man-O-War Cay and Castaway Cay 5 Letter Answer
Subject of the 2006 documentary An Unreasonable Man 5 Letter Answer
President who started the Space Race initially 3 Letter Answer
West Virginia community that disappeared under the waters of Summersville Lake when a river was dammed in the sixties 3 Letter Answer
Instrument played by some members of The Old Guard stationed at Fort Myer Virginia 4 Letter Answer
Movie camera operators certification for short 3 Letter Answer
Im ___ Sexy by Right Said Fred (91) 3 Letter Answer
White House item that came down in a storm in 2006 7 Letter Answer
To completely destroy 7 Letter Answer
Tolkiens Fangorn Finglas Fladrif Beechbone Bregalad or Fimbrethil 3 Letter Answer
First of four giant syllables 3 Letter Answer
In the ballpark equivalent 4 Letter Answer
Rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn better known by this name 6 Letter Answer
Something you might say repetitively when consoling someone 5 Letter Answer
Cable channel where you can watch Flip or Flop hosted by Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead 4 Letter Answer
Philosopher Descartes who fled France in 1628 to stay out of the clutches of the Inquisition 4 Letter Answer
Fringe-toed lizards of North American deserts 4 Letter Answer
Imbibe like the toga-clad residents of Animal House 4 Letter Answer
Done in a manner as though one knows exactly what one is doing 4 Letter Answer
A lot of Korean-made smartphones and TVs 3 Letter Answer
What washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life according to Pablo Picasso 3 Letter Answer
Unit of thermal resistance defined as 0.1 m2K/W used in the textile trade that might indicate how good your duvet is 3 Letter Answer
Where piglets are often produced 3 Letter Answer
Fifth word of the national anthem 3 Letter Answer

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