All Vox Daily Crossword September 12 2020 Answers

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Canadian outfit that bought Saks Fifth Avenue in 2013 (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Something that banshees and sirens do and either way youre in trouble 4 Letter Answer
Something that can go with take or spin or pay or play 4 Letter Answer
Municipality surrounded by the Hilabangan River and named after the Tagalog word for river in the Philippines 4 Letter Answer
Alger ___ U.S. State Department official accused of spying in 1948 and convicted of perjury in 1950 4 Letter Answer
One of the things that a mereologist might study providing they know the whole story of course 4 Letter Answer
Has a real serious discussion with your salad representative about the terms of surrender? 14 Letter Answer
Complaints that might be brought on by clogged follicles but the majority of the time its your genes 5 Letter Answer
Oldest and largest engineering school in Myanmar located in the countys largest city (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Better known nickname of Celtics forward Jesusemilore Talodabijesu Ojeleye 4 Letter Answer
Org. that finally recognized Redbone and Bluetick Coonhounds in 2009 and the Treeing Walker in 2012 3 Letter Answer
The HP PageWide Pro 552dw color inkjet is rated at 70 of these in brief 3 Letter Answer
How the landscape appears when the gray bats pour out of Alabamas Hambrick Cave 6 Letter Answer
How the targets of the black-attired ninja of old Iga Province know when theyre stealing through the garden at midnight? 14 Letter Answer
Weekly newsmagazine founded by marxist-leaning Lyndon LaRouche in 1974 (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Something to could nibble on while you enjoy a Sattu Banana Shake or Vegan Cutting Chai 6 Letter Answer
Pooch whose name may be from the Tibetan for goatee or billy goat or bark-guard 4 Letter Answer
Physician and geneticist Francis Collins has been directing this org. since 2009 3 Letter Answer
What your American Saddlebred might do when you stick the rowels in too hard 4 Letter Answer
Label that usually means wrinkle resistant 6 Letter Answer
Org launched by Google Ideas in 2011 and managed by ISD that aims to push back again radical and terrorist attitudes (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Most flexible and limber of all the fairy kin? 14 Letter Answer
Percy Bolsonaros kid eventually left the military as a captain and now looks after this 6 Letter Answer
Company now defunct once run by World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker until 1963 (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Rapper and philanthropist ___ James who released The Love Was Never Hidden earlier this year 3 Letter Answer
Opponent of the Michigan Dept. of State Police in the SCOTUS case determining if sobriety checkpoints are constitutional (1990) 4 Letter Answer
Smith running back known as The Judge playing now for the Atlanta Falcons 3 Letter Answer
Unit of length that became obsolete in the 18th century but is still used by French and Swiss watchmakers 5 Letter Answer
What was done to the back deck this time after the fiasco a few years ago with the paint and the raccoon? 14 Letter Answer
Reporting mark used by the shortline outfit that services Pureland Industrial Park in Bridgeport NJ 4 Letter Answer
Largest city on the Zambezi River 4 Letter Answer
Fourth largest lough in Ireland actually two interconnected lakes with the town of Enniskillen sitting between them 4 Letter Answer
Romanized name of Japans Tokugawa shogunate of the period 1603 to 1868 4 Letter Answer
Essential chemical present in all living cells that carries out protein synthesis (abbr.) 4 Letter Answer
Condition defined by physical and emotional exhaustion resulting in inability to feel compassion sometimes abbreviated as this 3 Letter Answer
Legislation affecting medical care often named after Ted Kennedy and Nancy Kassebaum signed by Pres. Clinton in 96 5 Letter Answer
Congou Lapsang souchong or Yingdehong 8 Letter Answer
Fragment of the American Southwests Frito pie 8 Letter Answer
Question I often ask myself when working on puzzles at three in the morning 3 Letter Answer
Measurement scheme introduced in 2000 that might determine if you have a sleep disorder (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Dec. 2016 song by rapper Kyle with vocals from Lil Yachty 4 Letter Answer
US joint service program initiated in 2004 aimed at reducing the weight of weaponry and ammunition (abbr.) 4 Letter Answer
Suffix used in taxonomy when naming species that means face from the ancient Greek 3 Letter Answer
Item used by many Victorian women quaintly known as a bosom pad 6 Letter Answer
John ___ father of journalist Maureen and author of travel and history books about Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire 6 Letter Answer
Golf green problem prior to 1938 when one players ball is blocking the path of the other players route to the hole 6 Letter Answer
Mercedes-Benz class of mid-size luxury SUVs 3 Letter Answer
Gene ___ second person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail (1951) 4 Letter Answer
Bernie Madoffs wife and sex therapist Westheimer 5 Letter Answer
___ Complicated: Streep/Baldwin movie of 2009 3 Letter Answer
Necessary part of any airline made up of reservation inventory and departure control modules (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Single by Lauv released in Nov. 2019 and the 10th track on the album How Im Feeling 6 Letter Answer
Put on your jacket or slowly get that shiny look on it 4 Letter Answer
NY theater ensemble founded in 1991 that sounds as though its really had its ups and downs (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Title of Nigerias Sanusi Lamido Sanusi at least until he was dethroned in March of this year by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje 5 Letter Answer
Dave Brubecks 1996 live album: ___! A Celebration a recording of a performance of the Catholic mass 6 Letter Answer
Childhood name of Komatsuhime famous Japanese female warrior of the 16th and 17th centuries 4 Letter Answer
Something you really have to do if you want to live to a ripe old age 3 Letter Answer
LAs Arena Football League team that lasted from 2000 to 2009 8 Letter Answer
Like the sound of Notre-Dame de Paris Emmanuel for example 8 Letter Answer
Country music singer/songwriter Kay Toinette ___ known as K.T. who sang 1987s 80s Ladies 5 Letter Answer
Moosalamoo or White Rocks both located in the Green Mountain National Forest (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Abbr. for the phenomenon when nonspecific symptoms are reported by many people in new homes and offices 3 Letter Answer
Hen which is often pursued by Foghorn Leghorn 6 Letter Answer
Trinidadian chac-chac basically 6 Letter Answer
Comedian Eddie ___ who this year ran 29 marathons in 29 different countries in 29 days 6 Letter Answer
Poverty climate change viruses crossword fatigue etc. 4 Letter Answer
Mosquito genus whose name comes from the Greek for unpleasant or odious some species of which transmit Zika or dengue 5 Letter Answer
Beginning of many four-sided solids or that crazy tile-matching game by Alexey Pajitnov 4 Letter Answer
520 mile river that connects to the Gliwice Canal at Koz le 4 Letter Answer
Type of hearing device that will fit in your concha (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer
Abbr. that you might see often in the newspaper personals section 3 Letter Answer
News provider and programmer for one of BBC TVs greatest rivals 3 Letter Answer
Regional carrier based at Westerly that provides scheduled service to Block Island (abbr.) 3 Letter Answer

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