Rote is a 4 letter word, which we have found to be the crossword answer to 215 clues. The word ROTE has been seen on 3350 crossword clues.


  • Number of letters: 4
  • Words starting with: R
  • Words ending with: E
  • Found on 15 crossword clues
  • Answer of 15 crossword clues
  • Explore Anagrams of: ROTE

n. A root.
n. A kind of guitar, the notes of which were produced by a small wheel or wheel-like arrangement; an instrument similar to the hurdy-gurdy.
n. The noise produced by the surf of the sea dashing upon the shore. See Rut.
n. A frequent repetition of forms of speech without attention to the meaning; mere repetition; as, to learn rules by rote.
v. t. To learn or repeat by rote.

Clues Containing rote
She wrote The Female Eunuch
He wrote Dead Souls
He wrote My Way for Sinatra
He wrote Carmen
_____ carotene
She wrote Grapefruit
Tiny protest
Sheriff Tupper of Murder She Wrote
Diamond protector
He wrote To be loved be lovable
Weather protector
Multipurpose protein source
Ultraviolet light protector
The _____ doth protest...
Protected as the feet

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