Tern is a 4 letter word, which we have found to be the crossword answer to 124 clues. The word TERN has been seen on 8696 crossword clues.


  • Number of letters: 4
  • Words starting with: T
  • Words ending with: N
  • Found on 15 crossword clues
  • Answer of 15 crossword clues
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n. Any one of numerous species of long-winged aquatic birds, allied to the gulls, and belonging to Sterna and various allied genera.
a. Threefold; triple; consisting of three; ternate.
a. That which consists of, or pertains to, three things or numbers together; especially, a prize in a lottery resulting from the favorable combination of three numbers in the drawing; also, the three numbers themselves.

Clues Containing tern
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Op Art pattern
Oil alternative
Layup alternative
Lady's alternative?
Western outlaw's newspaper?
Bagel alternative: Var.
Alternative word
Western justice
VHS alternative
Alternatives to The Club
Alternative to a plane?
I-70's western terminus
Cape _____ (westernmost point in continental Europe)

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