Explode Crossword Clue

While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Explode crossword clue. This crossword clue was last seen on December 21 2023 in the popular New York Times Crossword puzzle. The solution we have for Explode has a total of 4 letters.

99%BLOWExplodeNew York Times
20%GOVIRALExplode on the internetNew York Times
20%HITSTHEROOFExplodes in angerNew York Times
20%BLOW__ up (explode)Newsday


To flower; to blossom; to bloom.
To cause to blossom; to put forth (blossoms or flowers).
A blossom; a flower; also, a state of blossoming; a mass of blossoms.
A forcible stroke with the hand, fist, or some instrument, as a rod, a club, an ax, or a sword.
A sudden or forcible act or effort; an assault.
The infliction of evil; a sudden calamity; something which produces mental, physical, or financial suffering or loss (esp. when sudden); a buffet.
To produce a current of air; to move, as air, esp. to move rapidly or with power; as, the wind blows.
To send forth a forcible current of air, as from the mouth or from a pair of bellows.
To breathe hard or quick; to pant; to puff.
To sound on being blown into, as a trumpet.
To spout water, etc., from the blowholes, as a whale.
To be carried or moved by the wind; as, the dust blows in from the street.
To talk loudly; to boast; to storm.
To force a current of air upon with the mouth, or by other means; as, to blow the fire.
To drive by a current air; to impel; as, the tempest blew the ship ashore.
To cause air to pass through by the action of the mouth, or otherwise; to cause to sound, as a wind instrument; as, to blow a trumpet; to blow an organ.
To clear of contents by forcing air through; as, to blow an egg; to blow one's nose.
To burst, shatter, or destroy by an explosion; -- usually with up, down, open, or similar adverb; as, to blow up a building.
To spread by report; to publish; to disclose.
To form by inflation; to swell by injecting air; as, to blow bubbles; to blow glass.
To inflate, as with pride; to puff up.
To put out of breath; to cause to blow from fatigue; as, to blow a horse.
To deposit eggs or larvae upon, or in (meat, etc.).
A blowing, esp., a violent blowing of the wind; a gale; as, a heavy blow came on, and the ship put back to port.
The act of forcing air from the mouth, or through or from some instrument; as, to give a hard blow on a whistle or horn; to give the fire a blow with the bellows.
The spouting of a whale.
A single heat or operation of the Bessemer converter.
An egg, or a larva, deposited by a fly on or in flesh, or the act of depositing it.

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • New York Times: Dec 21, 2023
  • New York Times: Dec 20, 2023
  • Eugene Sheffer: May 27, 2023
  • Newsday: May 19, 2023

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