Massage Crossword Clue

While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Massage crossword clue. This crossword clue was last seen on March 5 2024 Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzle. The solution we have for Massage has a total of 3 letters.

99%RUBMassageThomas Joseph
20%DAYSPAPlace to get a hot stone massageUniversal
20%ACHYIn need of a massageWall Street Journal
20%ACHEMassage targetEugene Sheffer


To subject (a body) to the action of something moving over its surface with pressure and friction, especially to the action of something moving back and forth; as, to rub the flesh with the hand; to rub wood with sandpaper.
To move over the surface of (a body) with pressure and friction; to graze; to chafe; as, the boat rubs the ground.
To cause (a body) to move with pressure and friction along a surface; as, to rub the hand over the body.
To spread a substance thinly over; to smear.
To scour; to burnish; to polish; to brighten; to cleanse; -- often with up or over; as, to rub up silver.
To hinder; to cross; to thwart.
To move along the surface of a body with pressure; to grate; as, a wheel rubs against the gatepost.
To fret; to chafe; as, to rub upon a sore.
To move or pass with difficulty; as, to rub through woods, as huntsmen; to rub through the world.
The act of rubbing; friction.
That which rubs; that which tends to hinder or obstruct motion or progress; hindrance; obstruction, an impediment; especially, a difficulty or obstruction hard to overcome; a pinch.
Inequality of surface, as of the ground in the game of bowls; unevenness.
Something grating to the feelings; sarcasm; joke; as, a hard rub.
Imperfection; failing; fault.
A chance.
A stone, commonly flat, used to sharpen cutting tools; a whetstone; -- called also rubstone.

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Thomas Joseph: Mar 5, 2024
  • LA Times: Feb 11, 2024
  • Thomas Joseph: Nov 24, 2023
  • Newsday: Nov 10, 2023
  • Wall Street Journal: Nov 8, 2023
  • Thomas Joseph: Sep 18, 2023
  • Thomas Joseph: Aug 1, 2023
  • USA Today: Jun 6, 2023
  • USA Today: Apr 13, 2023
  • Thomas Joseph: Jan 25, 2023

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